Ocean City Planning Its Own Boardwalk Dress Code

645px-20110927-0832aWith the widespread news that the town of Wildwood, New Jersey has adopted a dress code for its boardwalk, despite its questionable constitutionality, at least one politician in Ocean City, Maryland reportedly thinks that town should do the same.

The so-called “decency law” would criminalize the way people dressed.  The law is reportedly prompted by the desire to prevent crimes and violence, but the logical link between the way people dress and the way people rob others is weak.   If a man is shirtless, does that mean he is a mugger?  And if he is, does wearing a shirt mean he will not steal?

Here’s more on the (unconstitutionality) of government attempts to make men wear shirts or not “sag” their pants displaying their underwear and there’s more in the book, Dressing Constitutionally.

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