Leggings too Provocative? More on School Dress Codes

Back to school wearing leggings?  Perhaps not.

Highland High School of Salt Lake City, Utah posted several images on facebook and twitter to guide students on how to appropriately wear leggings to school —


As reported, the administration now requires that students cover up between the waist and thigh with another layer of clothing when wearing leggings. Though an outright ban has yet to happen, if the school deems a student’s leggings to be too tight, the student is given sweatpants and a T-Shirt saying “I Love My Administrator.”

Unlike past fashion trends of the youth involving too much skin showing (e.g., mini-skirts, spaghetti straps, etc.), leggings do not directly expose one’s body. However, as Assistant Principal Nelson told reporters, “Sometimes, they can be so tight that there’s really nothing left to the imagination.”

The actual dress code standard requires that clothing be of “modest design” and prohibits “provocative” dress.

Reactions have varied, but several students question the tightness of male athletic uniforms and have also commented that several teachers wear the tightly fitting pants. Others have noted that the school does not ban discrimination against LGBTQ students.

Seemingly unfazed by these points, the administration continues to focus on the trend of young women, finding the form fitting pants just too provocative for an educational environment.


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