From the UK: Virgin Trains Dress Code

The UK Guardian has the full story  ((h/t Sonia Lawrence), discussing

reports that Virgin Trains’ female staff have rejected their new uniform as it includes a “flimsy” and “revealing” red blouse that they believe would allow passengers to see any dark coloured underwear.

It also reports on the “solution”:

The firm’s business support director, Andy Cross, has reportedly responded to the concerns, writing on the Virgin staff website: “It’s important that our people feel comfortable and so we will be issuing vouchers in the next few days for ladies to buy undergarments to wear under their blouses.” Apparently the vouchers are to the value of £20 and the implementation of the new uniforms has been put back.

As the story says, employment dress codes are nothing new. 

Woman in Maid's Uniform circa 1884

Woman in Maid’s Uniform circa 1884



Chapter 4 of Dressing Constitutionally is entitled “Dressing Professionally.”