Ada Calhoun on the People Involved in Dressing Controversies

clothes racksIn her article, “Fashion police are no joke in some cities and schools,” over at Al Jazeera America, journalist Ada Calhoun explores the stories and people behind three controversies: sagging pants, Borgata “babes,” and students’ “I Heart Boobies” breast cancer awareness bracelets.

Ada Calhoun knows her clothes: She’s the co-author of the bestselling Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible.  But she also knows that attire provokes strong responses from people.

Want to know what the major of Wildwood thinks about the ban on saggy pants?  Or what rapper The Game thinks?  Want to know what the attorney representing the cocktail servers at the Borgata casino thinks should be qualifications for the job rather than “dominatrix outfit” (hint: not spilling drinks might be important)?  Want to hear from the students who pressed for the right to wear the breast cancer awareness bracelets to school?

Take a look at Calhoun’s excellent reporting.