Another Student NRA T-Shirt

A student in the Orange County California Unified School District wore a NRA shirt to school, was asked to remove it, and then when her parent protested – – – and the NRA got involved – – – the school apologized and allowed her to wear the shirt.

As Adolfo Flores reports in the LA Times, “the white T-shirt — featuring an American flag and silhouette of a hunter with a rifle and the slogan: “National Rifle Association of America, Protecting America’s Traditions Since 1871″ — campus officials apparently decided that it violated dress codes disallowing, among other things, depictions of violence, criminal activity and anything that’s degrading to ethnic values.”

Here’s a video:

The LA Times site also has a video, with the shirt and the student, from the television station KTLA.

Recall that earlier this year a student in West Virginia had a similar situation with a NRA t-shirt; our substantive constitutional analysis is here.   Student symbolic speech, including on t-shirts, is discussed in Dressing Constitutionally.